Mental Health - Rest and Sleep Programming

We curate Rest, Resist the Stress, and Relax Soul Soothing Events

Based on the books ‘Rest is Resistance’ by Sleep Bishop, Tricia Hersey
‘An Affirmation: NiteBabyNite’ by Irene Smalls

Raison d’etre: A recent report from the Institute of Medicine identified “sleep deprivation and sleep disorders” as a major unmet public health problem. Short sleep duration puts individuals at increased risk of depression, reduced quality of life, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and death, among other conditions. Post Covid people are under great stress. There is a great need for all of us to learn how to rest, relax, and sleep better. Our lives depend on it!

Sleep Facts

Programming: Hour long sleep activations and ‘RESTINGS’


A Rest Sleep Activation can take place at any time but there are several dates tying in naturally with Relaxation and Sleep. Resting activations can be designed to fit your school, organization, group or business.

Asleep on the job, doing the hard work of mental healing, health and learning.

Sleep and Rest Holidays

Organizer: Irene Smalls, MBA has a Masters in Behavioral Science. She has spend a decade researching sleep and its impact on physical and mental health and academic achievement.
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